We grow an array of lettuce, herbs, basil and arugula in a 6000 square foot greenhouse using hydroponics and aquaponics
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Welcome to Mikey's Garden
If you're looking for high quality and great tasting lettuces, herbs and arugula then you have found your home.  We grow our lettuce in eight troughs of water. Each trough is 4 ft. wide by 92 ft. long  and 12 inch's deep. We use Styrofoam rafts that float on top of the water. Each of these rafts hold 36 plants. Currently we use hydroponics as our growing method. Nutrients are added to the water.
"the arugula is the best that we have ever tasted.  A light buttery crunch with a nice peppery finish.  Wonderful with olive oil, salt, pepper and shaved parmesan.... "
Bridget S.
Mikey's Garden ® Hunt,TX 78024

Lettuce join our fellow farmers in changing the way the world eats.......