We grow an array of lettuce, herbs, basil and arugula in a 6000 square foot greenhouse using hydroponics and aquaponics
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About Mikey's Garden
Mikey's Garden is family-owned and operated right here in Hunt, TX. by Melissa and Mike Maynard. We started Mikey's Garden in March 0f 2015. We currently use Hydroponics as our growing method.

We have a 6000 square foot greenhouse where we grow several varieties of lettuce, kale, arugula and many culinary herbs. WE sell our wonderful product at The Market at Bridget's Basket in Hunt, Tx, Old Ingram Grocery Ingram, Tx. Kerr County Farmers Market in Kerrville every Wednesday, Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio each weekend and some things to Pint and Plow in Kerrville, Tx.

Committed to growing the best leafy greens and herbs as we can in the most sustainable ways we can find